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Welcome to the Relaxed Farming website

Relaxed Farming is a detailed account of the life of a smallholding, written for a school audience. It includes a daily diary written over an (almost) two-year period, photos, videos, animal sections (who they are, how to look after them etc) plus sections on food and how to build and use a polytunnel. Please feel free to use (but not copy) any part of it in your classroom/homes!!


Relaxed Farming is based on a 'small' smallholding in the village of Minions on Bodmin Moor which was the home of the authors of this website for seven years from July 2009 until July 2016. They now live on a slightly bigger smallholding in North Devon and are now recording their (mis)adventures there under the title 'Relaxed at Home' (www.relaxedathome.org.uk).

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